Reflections for finding peace in self love, healing & healthy relationships

What a wild, scary, and beautiful journey this year has been. Personally and collectively this was a historical year. Darkness seemed to wash over the world with each passing month. The masses awoke with grief, racial injustice, political corruption, existential fear, and sickness of the mind, body, and spirit.

We were isolated and unsettled. We wrestled with our anxieties every day, unsure of what the world would look like tomorrow. Some of us were unscathed by COVID, others lost their family members, lovers, and friends to a virus we’re still trying to understand as we enter the new year. Together…

A heightened perspective for healing trauma & finding peace

In order to believe something as human beings, we want the math to add up. We want to calculate a+b=c. We want answers, to everything, because reason serves as the basis of our understanding. When we understand something, we can identify and conceptualize meaning. From here, we form our beliefs based on what we know (or think we know) to be true.

We all know there is good and bad. Everyone experiences happiness and sadness. This spectrum of emotion is the human experience. Every human will have varying experiences on this spectrum of emotion. No one person will have the…

Mandana and Asalia Yusupova, Founders of Boite de Luxe

It may be hard to open the blinds and see the beauty in a world disrupted by a pandemic, racial and systemic injustices, and negative news recycling each hour. One cannot ignore the dark forces that power the prejudiced and violent structures of our society. We must count on each other to consistently learn and listen, to amplify marginalized voices, and to offer a unique contribution for collective change.

For the founders of Boite de Luxe, their unique flower arrangements brought a light of comfort to people more than ever before this year. Mandana Yusupova and Asalia (Asal) Yusupova are…

Something lives within you

That the world needs

Gifts unwrapped

Talents undiscovered

Unique offerings

Worthwhile creations

Not yet expressed

No one can say it

Like you

No one can dream it

Like you

No one can think it

Like you

There is (literally) no one

Like you

Something lives within you

That the worlds needs

For most of my life I’ve felt alone. I was never alone, quite the opposite, but deep inside I’d feel so alone. I used to think I was the only one going through what I was going through and no one could ever relate to me. I felt this a lot as a kid. I’d spend every moment I could exploring the kingdom that was my backyard. The earth was my safe haven. I’d imagine I was flying around with tribes of fairies dancing through the sky. Flowers were my friends and trees were my protectors. Finally, I felt understood…

To receive this message you must know this:

Love created us.

Love is the source which powers all life. Love is the thread that connects every mind, body, and soul. Love is in death, in sickness, in grief, and in pain. There is no event on this planet which isn’t held in the gracious, tender hands of love.

Our global societal systems are collapsing.

Love is why tragedy brings us together unlike anything else. Love is why the global systems which have operated out of fear and personal gain for all this time are collapsing and collaborating for the greater…

How to heal yourself through spiritual enlightenment

I’m thankful for whoever is reading this. Whether I directed you here, or you sought me out — by choice or by chance, I appreciate your time in being present on the other side of this page.

In NPR’s interview with self-made billionaire, CEO and Founder of SPANX, Sara Blakely said,

“The more you experience in life, the more you have to offer.”

This is why I open my heart and share my most vulnerable experiences and thoughts with you all. Nearing 25, I have deeply and widely experienced life. …

Big change is really a bunch of little changes

Through my wellness journey, I’ve learned that sustainable health is a product of many small lifestyle changes over time. Most people resort to crash diets or advertised fitness routines, using X to achieve Y when trying to improve their health. However, our health is multi-dimensional, as we are complex beings. If you want to get healthy and stay healthy, you must strive for wellness. Wellness is health which lasts.

Wellness is the overall, accumulated quality of each aspect of ourselves.

So think — you can be healthy in certain regards, but how’s your overall well-being? You may attend the gym 5 times a week, but how clean is your diet? You…

Rave after Rave Instagram

Intro to Interview Series: Electric Humans

As the home of electronic music, we aspire to bring the heart of the entire electronic music industry to the forefront of culture. With our Electric Humans interview series, we aim to illuminate the incredible community that is the essence of EDM.

I am thrilled to introduce the first Electric Human in our series, a dear friend of mine and inspiration to many, Alyssa Tran.

Alyssa Tran effortlessly embodies the spirit of the EDM community. She walks through life with a lightheartedness that lifts everyone around her. Alyssa is the creator and owner of Rave after Rave, a rave-wear clothing brand that has had massive success in it’s short lifespan. Alyssa’s pieces are handmade, can be custom ordered, and are uniquely designed to…


How we push on in the hard times

Part of growing into your highest self is intimately knowing what makes you happy, to your core. We must pursue joy in our time here. You can live a joyful life even in the hard times. The joy pushes us through the growing pains. Joy shows you how to fall in love with life no matter where you’re at.

We can fill our lives with simply joys. We can inch closer to bliss in each passing moment. The light can always be found. Gratitude can always be expressed. It is a higher frequency energy. …

Courtney Faye Brown

Mental Health & Wellness ❖ Women Empowerment ❖ Spirituality Poet ❖ Digital Marketing Manager

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